20 Most Beautiful Porch Swing Beds

June 27, 2020 9 min read

20 Most Beautiful Porch Swing Beds

20 Most Beautiful Porch Swing Beds

Today we give you a reason to go outside and enjoy the sun, but when you think of a porch swing bed, think of luxury. Apart from its size, however, the purpose and use of the swing beds are typically decided by its environment. As expected, swing beds are significantly larger than a standard porch swing and require a little more space on the porch itself.

These porch swing beds are equipped with comfort and social elements. The great thing about these swings is their versatility when it comes to how they look. There are a variety of different styles and they can be equipped with different types of mattresses as well as different types of pillows, and other accessories. There are many eye-catching patterns available to choose from to make your bed look unique.

These porch beds also give a nice feeling of an outdoor oasis, so you can take a relaxing nap on your deck or conservatory in the middle of the day or even on a hot summer day

One important thing to bear in mind when looking for bed swings is wood. Not only would it makes furniture look good, but they would also exude class. Choosing the right kind of wood for your furniture, however, is not that easy if you don’t know much about woods used in making furniture.


 It’s a coniferous tree which is one of the most common trees around the world. It’s also one of the most common materials used in furniture simply because of its quality and durability. Pine beds also has a variety of hues and firmness. It’s unique, long-lasting and can easily fit into any home design


When choosing the best wood to be made into outdoor furniture like swinging beds, cedar is one of the best choices. Because of many outdoor elements and pests that can easily ruin any wood furniture, you have to make sure that the material used in your furniture can withstand decay. Cedars’ natural oils are especially resistant to decay and damage brought about by pests, insects, and water. This means beds can retain their appearance longer even if it stays outdoors.


Ideally suited for outdoor use, it can be finished in a variety of ways. It’s a highly durable wood that can be machined into a smooth finish. It takes stains, coatings, and paints well. Because of its durability, they can even be used as flooring. Therefore, you can be sure that furniture, indoor or outdoor, made of cypress is durable and can last long. The swinging porch beds are used outdoors and sometimes in the house and offer the style and comfort of a bed.


Teak is a tropical hardwood. It is also suitable for outdoor furniture. It can also be used as indoor furniture as well, like swing beds for porch. It is, however, a bit more expensive than other types of wood because of its strong resistance to hard weather conditions. It also lasts longer than most furniture made of other kinds of wood. Teak furniture can either be finished or unfinished. Either way, it can still last for years. Not only is teak furniture durable, but it is also known for its elegance. Unlike other kinds of wood, it possesses some natural qualities which makes it more sought after than other wood furniture.

When you think about style and comfort, you want to be sure you are choosing the right thing and we have made the purchase decision less hectic for you. Experience the best comfort in your porch with these 20 best porch swing beds for your home. 

You can see the full collection at Porch Swing Beds



The design of Historic Hilton is simple yet attractive. Clean slat styling gives a contemporary touch. Comes in 2 different sizes. The custom option allows you to choose the hanging with ropes, chains or if you want a more modern look, choose steel cables.

  • Contemporary Design
  • Perfect to enjoy a cozy evening
  • Available in Pine, Cedar or Cypress.


2. The All-American:

The All-American has functionality built into it with large armrests along with optional cup holders or wine glass slots!!  It was built to be used how a porch swing is meant to be used for relaxing and watching the world go by. The bed comes in three wood types (Grade Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Cypress). Available in 3 different sizes. It is a great choice because of its appealing design.

  • Alluring design
  • Mug/ Glass holder in both armrest
  • Stained or painted finish options available
  • Grade Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar or Cypress

3. Daniels Island

Daniels Island is a stunning swing bed with a unique design. It comes in three different sizes. You can choose to have it in a solid or distressed vintage style finish. If you feel more adventures can have if even unfinished. The screw holes have attached to the swing to support the hanging rope or chain.

  • Slat styling with pedestal top corners
  • Available in Kiln-dried Pine, Cedar or Cypress
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Choose from rope ar chain hanging options


4. Vintage Company “ELIZA”:

ELIZA is a vintage-style porch swing. It features one of the highest side and backboard of all of our models with even sides and backboard measuring 28.5” tall to provide plenty of support regardless of which position you are sitting or lying. The rope or chain holders designed in style to accomplish the overall exterior.

  • Vintage style design
  • 4 size option
  • Available in a kiln-dried pine or cypress
  • Suitable for large spaces


5. Vintage Company “Noah”

Noah is one of the most popular of the designs. The Noah features a higher backboard (23.75” tall) and wide, curved end armrest lower sides (16” tall) perfect for setting a drink on while relaxing. The Noah is a favorite of customers who have a large porch and are looking for a traditional porch swing look.

  • Lavishing design
  • Rope or chain hanging options
  • Convenient for bigger space
  • Available in Kiln-dried pine or cypress


6. The Johns Islander

Johns Islanders are simple and elegant beds. The backside and arms of the bed have made with solid wood plates. The armrests have engraved cup or glass holders to keep the coffee mug or wine glass while enjoying the leisure moments. It will look beautiful in the lounge or any open space.

  • Elegant style swing bed
  • Suitable to use in open and airy space
  • Available in kiln-dried pine, cedar or cypress
  • Flat arms with built-in cup holders
  • 4 different sizes


7. The Modified Cooper River:

The backside of the bed is high as compared to the arms which created this modern style look. Rustless bolts can hold up to 1300lb. The distressed finish looks particularly well. The bed comes ready for installation and can be hanged with two or four points.

  • Modern style design
  • Can be hung on the interior or exterior of your home
  • Suitable for small and big spaces
  • Painted or distressed finish
  • Available in kiln-dried pine, cedar, cypress or teak


8. The Windermere:

The Windermere porch bed looks charming. The design of the bed has an appealing touch. The hanging screws have fixed on the top of the arms and chains with hooks can be used as hanging options to create an exceptionally stylish look of the swing. You will get long hooks and chains to install the swing. The size of the bed porch swing is not so big. It will look gorgeous in your backyard even if you have a small area.

  • Graceful Design
  • 5 size options
  • Unique hanging style
  • Available in kiln-dried pine, cedar, cypress or teak
  • Silver or black hooks for hanging


9. Stylish The West Ashley:

The "West Ashley" swing bed is named after a suburb of Charleston, SC. The traditional look boasts a resemblance to standard bedposts. The design of the bed has plain wood back and corner pillars. It does not come as one integrated unit and requires some assembly. The instruction manual includes in the packaging. You can hang it with chains or ropes. Available in kiln-dried pine, cedar, cypress, or teak. Sit, relax, and feel the breeze.

  • Standard bed style swing
  • Available in 4 wood type
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Rope or chain hanging options


10. The Wonderful Wadmalaw Island:

The Wonderful Wadmalaw is a day bed style swinging bed. It does have not any back or sides. You can style it according to your choice. Choose from endless Sunbrella fabric pattern choices. Looks particularly well with mattress and bolsters. The bed is available in three types of wood (a kiln-dried pipe, cedar, cypress) and three different sizes.

  • Day bed
  • Comes as one integrated unit
  • Can be hanged outdoors or indoors
  • Hang from rope, chains or cables


11. The Modified Ion:

It is another modern style swing bed for porch. This design gives you a very cozy, private seating area, and looks both contemporary and beachy. The bed comes ready to install. Choose from kiln-fried pine, cedar, cypress, or teak.

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Available in 4 wood options
  • Hang with 1" Rope, chains or hooks


12. The Perfect Pawley:

The stylish backside wooden pattern really stands out from the rest. Swing can hang at home or in your shop as part of the design. Leave the back open and use small pillows instead of two pillows to show sophistication. The bed is available in three types of wood (a kiln-dried pipe, cedar, cypress) and three different sizes.

  • Stylish style
  • Home or office
  • Available in 3 types of wood
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • 1" Rope, chains or cables

13. The Peninsula:

The Peninsula swing bed has a unique style. It doesn't have the armrests and the backside has made with solid wood to bring clean and neat design. You can style it according to your interior using rope or chains, but our choice for hanging options are chains with hooks. Available in 5 different sizes.

  • Neat design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • High length hooks with chains
  • Available in pine, cedar or teak


14. Vintage Company “JOSHUA”:

The JOSHUA is one of the finest and premium-quality swing beds for the porch. Joshua is a favorite of customers who have a limited area and want to maximize their cushion space. It is the only model that has higher sides (26” tall) and lower backboard (20” tall) differentiating itself from the other swing models. It is available in two types of wood (a kiln-dried pipe, cypress) and four different sizes.

  • Contemporary design
  • Rusty finish on the solid base
  • Available in 2 wood type
  • 4 Sizes available
  • Chains or 1" Rope

15. The Madison:

The Madison bed porch swing has an antique style appearance. Colonial column type pillars give this unique vibe. With options of carved edges, it is available in three types of wood (grade southern yellow pine, western red cedar, cypress) and three different sizes.

  • Antique wood furniture inspired design
  • Solid wood pillar and paths
  • Available in 3 wood types
  • Rope, chains or steel cables as hanging options



Named after a famous city in South Carolina. Charleston brings that cobblestone street, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses style. The armrests of swing have a plain base where you can place a coffee mug, book, or cell phone while relaxing on the swing. The bed is available in three types of wood (yellow pine, western red cedar, cypress) and three different sizes. This swing will look fantastic, either hanged indoor or outdoor.

  • Charleston style
  • Designer inspired swing
  • High supportive back
  • Available in 3 wood type
  • Rope, chain or steel cable



The Santa Fe Bed porch Swing is simple, has clean lines, and will not disappoint. The entire building process of the swing came up with a budget-friendly design, but still built with the same quality and craftsmanship. The rustic finish looks attractive on solid wood.

  • Clean design
  • The dusty finish on a solid base
  • Available in pine cedar or cypress wood
  • Stained and painted finish options available
  • Chipped edges
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • The porch swing will be delivered on a pallet, wrapped and ready to hang


18. The AVALON:

The Avalon is an eye captivating swing. The armrest of the bed can hold your coffee mug and vine glass. Porch swing bed with clean lines and a modern look, yet still keeping functional aspects such as certain boards on both sides and the back that prevent pillows from falling through gaps.

  • Modern look
  • Mug/ Glass holder in both armrest
  • 3 different sizes
  • Available in kiln-dried yellow pine, cedar or cypress
  • Stained and painted finish options available


19. Vintage Company- "AUNT JANIE":

The Aunt Janie swing is named after a 100+-year-old aunt. This porch bed swing is a favorite of customers who have a large area. The Aunt Janie features a higher backboard (24” tall) and wide armrest lower sides (18.75” tall) perfect for setting a drink on while chilling. The straight pickets offer clean lines and a classical style that will look great on your porch or pergola.

  • Classic style
  • Great for large spaces
  • Choose in kiln-dried yellow pine or cypress
  • 1" Rope or black chains
  • 4 Sizes available


20. Vintage Company “MERCEDES” Day Bed

Mercedes is an outdoor swing that looks good anywhere. It will look lavishing in your garden or your house. The extended rope holder looks coordinated with the style of the swing. You can enjoy the evening and morning scenes by sitting on one of these comfortable day beds. This Swing Bed is a favorite for customers who want to use a swing as an interior bed.

  • Classic style
  • Outdoor or indoor.
  • Available in kiln-dried pine or cypress
  • 1" Rope or black chains for hanging
  • Choose from 4 sizes


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