Wine lovers

December 11, 2018 3 min read

Wine lovers

The Benefits of Having a Wine Cooler at Home


More and more people are becoming wine lovers. And what’s not to
love about wine? It offers health benefits (lower cholesterol levels,
reduced risk of heart disease, better immune system, etc.), won’t
give you beer-induced love handles, and tastes good (unlike beer,
wine is not an acquired taste).

Given the growing number of wine aficionados these days, it’s not
surprising that home wine refrigerators are becoming quite popular,
too. Aside from being a proper storage solution for your vino
collection, having a wine refrigerator at home comes with other
advantages, such as putting your wine within easy reach.
Here are 7 other benefits and ways you can utilize your wine cooler refrigerator at home.

1. It offers more storage space.

You can use the cooler refrigerator for storing other drinks, too! Use
it to chill your bottles of beer, soda, juice, sparkling water, iced tea,
and more. However, note that milk-based drinks require a different
temp — they need to be kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. On the
flip side, you CAN place these drinks in your cooler refrigerator for a
couple of hours if you’re planning to serve them ASAP or use them
for mixing cocktails.

Your wine refrigerator can also hold your fruits and veggies.
Other perishables that you can store in your wine cooler include
cheese, chocolate, and olive oil. However, it’s recommended that
you keep strong-smelling, pungent food items away from your wine,
as they can impart their scent on your vino.

Some fruits and veggies that don’t have such a strong scent and
which you can store in your wine cooler include: leafy greens,
apples, pears, grapes, herbs (e.g. parsley, cilantro), ripe bananas,
ripe peaches, and ripe plums.

2. It costs less.

Wine coolers require less maintenance and come cheaper than wine
cellars, simply because they’re ergonomic, take up less space, and
don’t need months of complicated construction (unlike wine cellars).
You have the option to get a freestanding cooler or a built-in one —
that will cost you roughly $400 and $600, respectively. You may
balk at the price, but consider the cost of installing a wine cellar at
home: The bare minimum is $15,000 — and it can go up to
hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on materials used and

3. Your wine is more accessible.

Forget heading down the basement or cellar, looking for that
particular bottle of wine after a long day at work. With a wine
cooler refrigerator conveniently located in the kitchen, you can
simply kick off your shoes and unwind with a nice glass of vino as
soon as you get home. All you need to do is get it out of the fridge,
pour it into a glass, and enjoy.

4. It protects your wine from vibrations.

Particularly for red wines, which “throw sediment” as they age, a
home wine refrigerator can help prevent jarring or any movement
that can diminish the quality of your vino and make them age
prematurely. The result? You get wines that last longer and taste

5. It’s the ideal storage solution for wine aficionados.

The compact design of wine coolers is a plus for those who live in
places where space is a premium (i.e. condos, apartments) and
can’t afford a wine cellar/room. You also don’t have to worry about
varying storing temps for your vino if you get a wine cooler
refrigerator with dual or multiple zones — this makes for ideal
segregation of wines that require aging to achieve their full flavor
and those that simply need to be chilled before serving.

6. You get consistent temperatures.

Unlike a cupboard or kitchen cabinet, you get a stable temperature
zone when storing your bottles of vino in your cooler. You can
control the temp and set it between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit,
which is not only great for short-term storage but also for aging
your vinos in the long run. 

Red wines between 62-68 degrees optimal serving temperature, and white wines  between 49-55 degrees

In addition, you won’t have to worry about temp fluctuations with a
wine cooler. Unlike normal refrigerators that you open and close
several times in a day, you probably will only turn to your wine
fridge twice in a day, which extends the life of your vino.

7. It protects your wine from natural light.

Ever wonder why wine is usually stored in cellars and basements?
That’s because natural light can affect your wine, making them
taste flat. Fortunately, wine refrigerators are equipped with solid,
opaque doors with built-in light protection to protect your precious
vino. (And yes, even artificial light can mess up the flavor of wine,
Installing a wine cooler at home is a great investment. You get to
save on costs in terms of upkeep, repair, and

You get a specific storage solution for your
precious wine — and get additional storage space for other
perishables. You utilize space wisely at home, since it’s not as
roomy as a wine cellar. Best of all, you get to enjoy better wine at
home, as a cooler will lovingly take care of your wine to bring out
its full flavor.

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