Wonderful Design Ideas for Your Back Garden

November 13, 2017 3 min read

Wonderful Design Ideas for Your Back Garden


Having a back garden is just as important as having a beautiful front lawn.
Aside from its functionality, a back garden can provide you with a nice
private refuge because there are certain things that you simply cannot do in
the front garden, like sunbathing or hanging clothes to dry. You can do any
of these, however, within the comforts of your backyard or back garden.

A back garden may also be used for growing plants, playing games, and
housing pets. Indeed, it makes for a great hobby or entertainment area.
Moreover, it is safer for children to play in the back garden because this area
is farther from the street than the front yard.

But, even if back gardens are more of a service than show area, it doesn’t
mean that we should skip the decoration and design parts altogether. To
maximize the use of your backyard space, you can place a few things in it
that won’t just add to its functionality and recreational use, but also to its
overall appeal and fun factor. Here are a few to name some:

Garden Furniture

Garden sets are basic pieces of furniture that are essential for any garden or
landscape. These are specially designed for outdoor use and are, therefore,
made up of materials that could stand any weather condition.
When placed strategically at the back of your house, these pieces of
furniture (also called patio sets) could turn your back yard into a place
where your family and guests can relax, eat, and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.
Indeed, they add both functionality and appeal to this area, making it a
perfect back garden.

Patio tables (with umbrella) and chairs, benches, and daybeds – these are
also great pieces to add to your garden setup.


Garden Sheds

Sheds not only provide you with some outdoor storage, but can also
function as hobby areas or as workshops.
Opt for ones that satisfy the 3 S’s: sturdy, spacious, and stylish. This would
instantly make your back garden both serviceable and stunning that you
won’t be surprised to find yourself spending more time in this area than in
any other part of your house.

Likewise, de-cluttering your backyard space would make some room for
other equipment and decorations to be placed in the garden.
Your shed also need not be attention-grabbing, in some occasions. You can
go for a more discreet piece if you’d rather make another building or
furniture (e.g. patio set, swing) the focal point of your garden landscape.

Cooking Equipment

Weekend food gatherings sometimes create some of the best bonding
memories in a person’s life. Setting up backyard grills and hosting barbecue
parties, therefore, could be your ticket to meeting new wonderful people,
such as new neighbors. Doing so could also make for more meaningful
moments spent with people you love.
Set the date for a weekend get-together with your family and friends, and
remember to set up the grill for longer conversations over some aromatic
and sumptuous food.

Swings and Hammocks

Swings and hammocks are the perfect relaxation pieces for any back garden.
Swing your cares away while reading a novel, sipping some wine, or taking a
well-earned weekend nap.
There are many types and styles to choose from. Porch swings look lovely
in the backyard, especially the ones that could carry at least two people.
Perhaps you could spend some time here with a friend or a special someone.
Swing beds are not just for hospitals. In fact, they make for a great focal
point as well as comfortable furniture for lounging – you might just want to
lie there forever. What’s more, they are super trendy these days.

Kids Playsets

Playhouses make for fun childhood memories.
Let your child experience just that! Colorful playhouses made of durable
plastic are great for the outdoors and would look really cute in any back
garden. Also, adding one will transform your garden into a kid-friendly zone
where the children can hang out safely.
You can watch your kids play from the comfort of your patio, with a cold
drink in one hand, and your favorite novel in the other. The playhouse can
also serve as a kids’ area for when you invite other families over for an
afternoon backyard barbecue.

Animal Shelter

Animals such as chickens, cats, and dogs are best kept at the back yard; not
only are they safer, this also prevents them from ruining the landscaping of
your front yard.
Make some space for lovely-looking chicken coops and dog houses and
keep these little creatures safe and sound in their own haven – within your
back garden.

Sports Recreation

Not too many houses have their own basketball court, but installing
basketball hoops in your back garden or backyard can give you and your
kids countless hours of fun while allowing your family to get your muchneeded
exercise – daily within your lot.

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